Childhood love

When I was a kid I had a series of books that I absolutely loved. I was a little to young for the Babysitter Club series although I did start reading those later. I was the right age however for the Babysitters Club Little Sister. If you are not familiar with this one the picture below might jog your memory.


I was obsessed with these books. Every time there was a book fair at the school I had to get the newest one. I had the whole series and was even part of the Baby-sisters Little Sister Fan Club. Oh, how great it was to be a child.

Awhile ago I did a large cleaning in my room. I decided that it was time to get rid of some of my old stuff. I donate my collection of these books. I hope that they are bringing another child as much happiness as they brought me. 🙂


Christmas time is book time!

I love Christmas it is my favourite time of year. I love Christmas because of the time I get to spend with my family, the excuse to bake a bunch and I love giving presents. But I also love Christmas because I get lots of books!

This year I asked for two box sets of The Wheel of Time. I need books 4 – 6 and books 7 – 9. I also asked for the Maze Runner books as well after a co worker recommended them to me.

The other day I was on Pinterest and I found the best comic. I feel like it sums up how the people around me feel every time I ask for books and Christmas just makes it worse.


The Great Hunt – Robert Jordan

Last week I finished The Great Hunt by Robert Jordan. This is the second book in The Wheel of Time Series. Two down twelve to go.

The second book picks up right where the first book left off. Rand Al’Thor is learning more about what he truly is and is trying to figure out if he wants to be what he is destined for. There are a few new characters introduced that are important to the storyline but not to many to make it overwhelming. The main characters are still all involved in some capacity.

What is interesting in this book is that the characters get separated as the wheel that the pattern is weaving takes them in different directions. Rand Al’Thor and his two friends Matt and Perrin join an army on the hunt for the Horn of Valere. A legendary horn that can call back dead heroes to fight the last battle against the shadow. The girls for Rand’s home Egwene and Nynaeve stay in the city to learn the teachings of the Aes Sedai. As the story progresses there directions become intertwined again. Jordan also introduce a new group of people the Seanchan from across the sea. A group that it seems will be important in later novels.

Just like the first book The Great Hunt is entertaining and continues to keep me captivated. I may even enjoy this series more than Game of Thrones. Jordan has developed a world that is so rich and full of great characters that it is hard not to get lost in it.

The Great Hunt can be found here »

Ted Talks

I love Ted Talks. Many of them are so interesting and you can learn so much from them, just like books.

What happens when books and Ted Talks collide. Well the result is this video!

Lisa Bu talks about how she used books to discover a new path for her life when she moves to the United States. She discusses the importance of comparative reading as well. I found this interesting and is something that I might try.

If you want something light and funny to watch check out this. “Books have given me a magic portal.” – Lisa Bu

Additions with no subtractions

So it’s that time that I have assessed my list again.

I have added two new books. The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. I want to see the movie that came out for the first book but I have to read them first so they have to go on the list. The series was also recommended to me by a co-worker. I also add Four by Veronica Roth. This is a new book in the Divergent series so I will had to add it.

Unfortunately for my anxiety level I have taken nothing off my list 😦 I am now on the third book of the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. This is a fourteen book series and I won’t be able to cross this series off until I finish them all. The series is amazing so far though so I am happy to read it. The picture below sums up how I feel about the series.


War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

There is something about War and Peace. When people tell you that they have read War and Peace it is like they have accomplished some feat everyone wants too. This book is the holy grail of reading. It isn’t just the length of the book (my copy tops out at 1358 pages) but also the complexity.

When I made my bucket list of books this was the first book I read off it. Like many people it was something that I just had to do and I thought it would be a great way to start off.

I have to say this book is not for the light of heart. If you do not enjoy reading I would not recommend this book. I think to truly appreciate a book like War and Peace you have to love reading. It really is a piece of art.

The book is a great story of love, sacrifice and death during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia. The book takes place between St. Petersberg, the countryside, and Napoleon’s army.

The book is beautifully written. Leo Tolstoy is an incredible writer that is seen through all of his work. He creates complex characters that you can help but feel like you are a part of. He creates emotion in a way that you feel what a character is going through. The mark of a great writer.

The main reason I would not recommend War and Peace to people that do not enjoy reading is because of the books complexity. There are many different characters in this book, and many of them are incredibly important to the story line. At the beginning of the book it is really hard to follow who is who, and how they are connected. Many of their names are similar which makes this even harder. I really struggled through the first part of the book and I kept having to go back to find out how the characters fit into the story. This got much easier as the book goes, but it is challenging in the beginning.

On the front on my copy there is a quote from Simon Schama which states “Love and battle, terror and desire, life and death. It’s a book that you don’t just read. You live.” This can’t be more true. If you decide to take the time and pick up this incredible novel, all I can say is when you finish it you will feel like you really did accomplish something. Maybe that is why there is so much hype around finishing this book.

If you want a challenge you can purchase War and Peace here »

Pinterest finds

I love Pinterest. I might be addicted to it. I love spending time looking at new recipes to make, discovering new things to do around the home, and of course new books to read!

The other day I found an interesting post. 1001 Books you must read before you die. I thought that is pretty fitting with my bucket list of books so I thought I would give it a look. The list is huge and I haven’t gotten through a lot of it yet but I will definitely have some books to add to my list.

The list can be found here »

It also had a pretty awesome picture for me to put on my board, so that is always good.


If you have a chance take a look at this list. Is there anything on it that you have read and really enjoyed? I am always looking for suggestions!

The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein is a political novel about the use of economic crisis or natural disasters as “shock therapy” and during this time unpopular policies are passed by governments. (This is a really watered down version of the theory).

Klein uses historical research to show different instances all around the world where this has happened, and links it to the Chicago School of Economics and the United States government. If you believe what is being said in this book or not it is an interesting read and the argument that is made and the evidence used to prove it is compelling. This is definitely a must read for anyone that is interested in politics and economics.

At times the book does get bogged down in theory and lengthy explanations. This can be a barrier for some people that do not find the content fascinating like I do. However, the long explanations help to bring Klein’s argument home. This book will change the way you look at economics and the actions of politicians and government after major crises.

The Shock Doctrine was an interesting book that has made me think over how I view the actions of those in power. Although I do not agree with all of the evidence that is used in the book and the interpretation that Klein has of the events it is an interesting perspective.

If you are interested in The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein you can purchase it here >

Read the book first

I am a very strong advocate of reading a book first before seeing the movie. I always find that the book is better then the movie. Movies tend to leave out important parts, and there is always a different interpretation of characters and events. The great thing about a book is that you can imagine the events unfolding and picture the characters. Movies never seen to live up to this.

On Friday I saw Mockingjay Part 1.


I have read all of the books and seen the first two movies. I have to say the Hunger Games and Catching Fire where both great movies however, the books where better.

Unfortunately I did not like the Mockingjay book. It was clear rushed, the writing quality is no where near the first two books. The plot line does not flow as well as it did in the first two books and don’t even get me started on the ending. In summary I was unimpressed with the final book of the trilogy.

For the first time I can say I liked a movie more than a book. The franchise has split the Mockingjay book into two money making movies which is unnecessary because there is not enough good content in the one book to make two movies. But they pulled it off. Jennifer Lawrence is a great actress and she made the movie. Since it is the first part of the two movies it was mostly plot building but they did it effectively and much better than the book did.

I finally found a movie that was better than the book, but I will still keep with my rule. Always read the book first!